Free Download A story about a boy who is shrunk down and swallowed by his teacher

  • ID: RJ01099934
  • Author/サークル名: 縮小化研究室 Sagicoro
  • Released/販売日: 2023年09月20日 0時

Description / 説明

Illustration of size difference, shrunken boy, vore

The boy who has a crush on the beautiful blonde ponytailed female teacher drinks a drink gifted by her, which contains a shrinking potion, causing his body to become small. She picks up the tiny boy, puts it in her mouth, and swallows it. He experiences the sensation of the beauty's digestive tract…

Size difference , shrunken boy and vore Illustration Collection

This collection includes 17 illustrations depicting scenes of inside the mouth, the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, rectum and anus. There are a total of 34 images, including those without text.
File format: PDF, JPEG.

Size Fetish, Shrinking, Shrinker, Vore
Note: Scatological depictions and graphic or gruesome content are minimal, and there are no representations of blood, limb dismemberment, or excrement.

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