Free Download Estrella Girl ep.1 (English subbed)

  • ID: RJ01160304
  • Author/サークル名: hyper-mind Graphics
  • Released/販売日: 2024年03月02日 0時

Description / 説明


The year is 25xx A.D., a time when the existence of extraterrestrial life has become commonplace for people on Earth. The Interplanetary Security F*rce (IPSF), to which the superhumanly gifted Supergirls belong, maintains peace in the galaxy. However, the IPSF and HARM, an organization that does not appreciate this tranquility, are still engaged in a battle.

This film depicts the battles of the Supergirls stationed on the planet Amelcia. The storyline is the same as the previously released RPG Forte Girl 《Forte Girl》. However, even if you have not played it, there is no problem in understanding the story.

The recorded time is 56 minutes. The H-scene is 36 minutes long, but there is a slight error in the length.

This work is the same as the content released on X, ci-en, and Fantia from July 2023 to February 2024. *Some sound effects have been replaced.

(Text: English / Voice: Japanese)
(English product description provided by the creator.)

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