Free Download Lolita Errand3

  • ID: RJ436662
  • Author/サークル名: Lの間
  • Released/販売日: 2022年11月24日 16時

Description / 説明

Discount Campaign!

In celebration of our new release, we are selling our past Lolita titles at a discounted price until the end of November 2022!
Please take advantage of this opportunity!

Will you protect her to the end?
Or perhaps send perverts out after her?
The fate of these lolita girls is in your hands!

An action game where lolita girls are on an
errand to deliver Papa his forgotten wallet.

Jump and evade perverts and holes.
Because if you don't then you know what...

CG mode is 100% unlocked from the beginning
for those that do not like action games.

Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

(English product description provided by the creator.)

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    夜夜鸟 - 2 days ago
    yeah,its great