RJ354932 | Magic Girl ZERO

ID RJ354932
Author/サークル名 ビタミンCCC
Released/販売日 2021年11月14日 0時

[Undercover work]

Ruby "I am Ruby. I have been dispatched from the Kingdom.
Do you know that In recent years, there are quite a few incidents where
young females are disappearing in Ocean region?
I came here to investigate the cause of these disappearances."


This RPG shows how Ruby is smeared with shame.
It is the story where Ruby does not know what love is.
Serving the kingdom, serving the queen, and act in a matter of fact approach for her missions.

Ruby still does not know the reality.
Her sexual identity as an woman, turns in to a heavy weight for Ruby.
Rape, humiliation, shame ...

Everytime she is raped, her uterus started to ache.
Ruby who has lived strictly was whaled with shock from sexual desire.
What will Ruby feel as she is shamed sexually in front of a large number of buyers as a slave.

You can start playing from the spot (the enemy level will go down, when you retry) even when you are defeated.
However, when you retry the game, your game level (evaluation) will decrease.
If your game level is at extreme, there will be some bonus, where you can look at rough sketches that were made during the development.


Ruby who has fallen in love.
Can she prioritize the mission than love, as one who serves the kingdom?
Goodbye ... those who I loved ...


Ruby can self-sacrifice in order to carry out the mission.
she will continue to endure desperately even toward erotic things as she is humiliated as she fights.


This was produced with RPG Maker VXACE.
There is a recollection mode.
You can enjoy this game even if you have not played with our previous work (Magic Magical action girl).
This story is about the story that happened before the previous work (Magic Magical action girl).
You can go to the reminiscence room with tricks.