RJ368291 | Brothel Paradise

ID RJ368291
Author/サークル名 TheBoy
Released/販売日 2022年01月13日 0時

Brothel Paradise

A brothel management game taken place in Tokyo Japan. Prepare to expand your brothel while exploring the darksides of the city!


  • Brothel Paradise [TheBoy]

    Explore the city

    You can explore Tokyo city and meet new people. There will be a series of main and side event quest, where you can discover the story and meet new ladies!

  • Brothel Paradise [TheBoy]

    Brothel Management

    You can train your prostitutes to reach higher customer satisfaction and expand the brothel as you wish!

  • Brothel Paradise [TheBoy]

    Serve your customers

    There will be customers seeking
    sex everynight. However you will have to first beat your competitors to serve them!

  • Brothel Paradise [TheBoy]

    Side content

    There are also many other content for you to discover!

Game Features

  • Brothel Management Simulation Game
  • 20+ Sex Scenes & 36 CGs
  • 3 hours+ gameplay time
  • 15+ scenes
  • Currently only English ( Other language translation in progress )